Promoting Open Scholarship in DH: Reasons and Tools for Open Licensing

Together with Walter Scholger, I held the workshop “Promoting Open Scholarship in DH: Reasons and Tools for Open Licensing” at the DARIAH annual event 2018.

Location: Paris, France
Date: 22-24 May 2018

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In the age of digital information technology, a particular interest and concern of cultural heritage and research institutions are issues of copyright on, provision of and access to digitized material. While there is a recognizable political drive in the European Union to facilitate public access to cultural heritage and research data, the lack of legal harmonization and the often unclear national legislations continue to prohibit the free and open availability or digital scientific resources. Another major issue is the lack of awareness and general insecurity about legal aspects of scholarship among the scholarly community.

This workshop will a) provide a very basic introduction to legal terms and issues regarding copyright and publication, b) explain how open licenses work and how they can help in making our work more visible and accessible, and c) showcase some of the most prominent open licensing tools aimed at scholars with no legal background.