SE Methoden und Tools der digitalen Geisteswissenschaft für sprachbezogene Disziplinen – WS2017/18

Digital humanities methods and tools for language-related studies

The seminar “Methoden und Tools der digitalen Geisteswissenschaft für sprachbezogene Disziplinen” will be held together with Claudia Resch, Tanja Wissik and Martin Gasteiner at the University of Vienna in the Winter Semester 2017/18.

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Preliminary infos:

The “digital revolution” has not only taken over various aspects of every day life, but also many parts of the research process. In humanities disciplines, digital research methods enable new perspectives on language and text, and thus new research questions. This introductory course will give an overview of digital methods and tools suited for various language-related disciplines (e.g. translation studies, linguistics, literature studies). The course will discuss the relevance of digital methods and tools during the entire research process – from data management to encoding and analysis as well as digital publishing of research data and results -, and focus on various other topics, such as availability of resources, legal issues, Open Access & Open Data and data archiving.
The course is held in cooperation with the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In addition, international experts will be invited to give “ACDH lectures”, which are integrated into the course. These experts will introduce current research projects and results which employ digital methods. The integration of these external lectures will not only enable the students to gain first insights into the basics of digital methodology, but also show them its successful employment in real-world research projects.