upcoming paper: „l’amour / die tür / the chair / der bauch“: Konkrete Poesie als Europäisches Projekt – 2017

“l’amour / die tür / the chair / der bauch” – Concrete poetry as a European Project

The paper “‘l’amour / die tür / the chair / der bauch’: Konkrete Poesie als Europäisches Projekt” will be published in issue #13 (1.2017) of textpraxis – Digitales Journal für Philologie.

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This paper investigates the networks of the writers that can be associated with the concrete poetry movement of the 1950s and 1960s. With reference to theoretical approaches by Sassatelli, Schmale, and Metzeltin, the author makes the case that this world-wide network can be read as a ‘European project’. This article explores the history of concrete poetry and the relationships between concrete writers from across the globe, before Ernst Jandl is introduced as a case study to illustrate the poetological and political dimensions of concrete poetry. Finally, these findings are placed into context with current discourses about Europe.