TEI Conference & Members’ Meeting (TEI2016) – member of the program and local committee

The Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities of the Austrian Academy of Sciences hosted the annual TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) Conference & Members Meeting in 2016.

Program committee: Martin Mueller (chair), Vanessa Hannesschläger, Serge Heiden, Martin Holmes, Stefan Majewski, Elli Mylonas, Claudia Resch, Martina Scholger, Daniel Schopper,
Magdalena Turska, Tanja Wissik
Local committee: Claudia Resch (chair), Vanessa Hannesschläger, Sandra Lehecka, Daniel Schopper, Andrea Steiner, Tanja Wissik

Location: Austrian Academy of Sciences (main building), Vienna
Date: Sep 26-30, 2016

Conference contributions: Common Creativity International (paper), Wienerisches Diarium Digital (poster)

Book of Abstracts

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