upcoming paper: Real Life Fiction, Historical Form: Peter Handke’s ‘Storm Still’ [peer-reviewed] – 2017

Real Life Fiction, Historical Form: Peter Handke’s Storm Still, will be published in: Boldrini, L./Lajta-Novak, J. (eds.): Biography and/as experimental fiction. Palgrave MacMillan – in preparation [2017]

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In his stage text Immer noch Sturm (2010) / Storm Still (2014), Peter Handke tells the story of his mother’s family. This introductory statement is both true and false on several meta-textual levels, as this paper will show. I will discuss the problem of genre (‘stage text’) and the relations between narrator and author as well as between biography, historiography and fiction. In a first step, the plot of the text and the historical as well as the auto/biographical context it refers to will be outlined in order to show that Handke uses precise research of facts to develop a fictional plot and a form that suits his poetics. The subsequent analysis of the way Handke alters the historical facts will allow insights into the perspective on history developed in his text.