inside outsider – outside insider: Ernst Jandl and (inter)national Concrete Poetry [invited]

Presentation at the Symposium “Concrete Poetry: International Exchanges” (University of Cambridge, Centre of Latin American Studies)

Location: Alison Richard Building, Cambridge
Date: Feb 14, 2015
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Ernst Jandl (1925-2000) was a skilled networker, who found recognition among international experimental poets at a time when the restorative atmosphere of post-war Austria did not allow avant-garde art to gain solid ground. Even within the national scene, mutual approval was not a matter of course as demonstrated by Jandl’s relationship with the Vienna Group. This talk will give an overview of Jandl’s concrete poetry contacts within the borders of his country as well as abroad, especially focusing on the lively correspondence with Ian Hamilton Finlay. The spotlight will also be turned to the role of literary periodicals and magazines in the process of institutionalizing ‘the new poetry’, as Jandl called it. The significance of this term for Jandl’s poetics will allow insights into his choice of literary ‘relatives’.